THE CrazyTuff K9 Gear

CrazyTuff K9 Gear was born in 2018.

(Although its origin story started in 2016)

We work closely with Law Enforcement Agencies from around the world, as well as the Military Both in the US and Abroad.

We design equipment based on Their needs, and ensure that we exceed and standard they set forth. We have all of our Hardware, and also our stitching and stitch joint techniques Tested, Rated and Certified at a Testing facility in Pennsylvania. (see Testing Page)

We are constantly learning and making changes to our equipment to ensure that we keep up with ever evolving requirements of not only Law Enforcement, but also the Public sector, such as Dog Sport Associations.

Below is a Story of how we got to where  we are today.
(We believe the origin to the origin story should always be a part of where we are today.)

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CrazyTuff K9 Gear has a weird and winding back story.

We actually started with a laser engraver... That is a far way off, isn't it? But how we got to where we are... is because of a love of what we do and a love of dogs! 

Years ago, I had a spray painting accident and almost lost my eyes because of it. So My Wife and I decided we needed a new source of income. Like many out there we hopped on the net and looked at income sources and found a Laser cutter/engraver... LOL

We started doing dog tags and Yeti Cups. Soon people started asking hey, don't you have a collar for my dog... so we bought so cheap Chinese made collars off of eBay and offered that. The next evolutionary step was.... "can you embroider my dog's name on it?"

Ok, so we bought this tiny little Embroidery machine...

Then came the next step... "Can you make a better collar?"

So we started with entry-level tactical collars... really only suited for pets.

And then one day, we were challenged by a good friend to come up with the strongest collar he has ever seen...

This is not something you could simply buy from China, so we bought a cheap industrial sewing machine, or as we have nicknamed it... "The Jack-Hammer"...LOL! This thing is loud! Since then we have upgraded our equipment, our way of thinking, and started making all of our own gear.


Somehow this just snowballed into one of the BEST things we have ever done. We love what we do! Designing, producing, and selling, what we believe to be the best K9 Gear out there!

We are constantly designing new Harnesses. Collars, Leashes/Leads, and coming up with new and innovative technology in the Search and Rescue, Law enforcement, and Private security sector for K9's and their Handlers. Our Head Designer and Maker, has gone back to school to study K9 Bio-Mechanics, in order to design better and more functional harnesses, that would not only provide the handler with the best equipment, but also not cause any harm to the K9 wearing it.


Like I mentioned before... We will never stop learning, designing, and creating new products that would benefit both the K9 and Handler, in day to day, or Tactical situations!

Quite a far way away from that first laser engraver huh? lol

In a nutshell... we love what we do... It's not a job...It's a Passion...

and we would not trade it for anything! CrazyTuff K9 Gear Prides itself in being one of the few K9 Manufacturing Companies, that are still Made in America, and not farmed out to a foreign country, and we intend to Keep it that way!

Did I mention... We make everything from scratch when you order it, in West Palm Beach Florida? ( In case you don't know... that is in the USA )

Welcome to CrazyTuff K9 Gear

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