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How do I place an order?


Simply choose your item in the store, select the options that best suit Your/K9's needs, add to cart and checkout. Feel free to leave a note with any special requests you may have! If you are unsure, you could always message us before you buy. If we do not reply within an hour, it is most likely late and we are asleep... yes, we do need that too...Lol! (We are available between 6am and 9:30pm EST)

Do you Offer BULK discount or Promotions?

We do offer Bulk discounts to people who place orders of three items or more, BUT you must contact us prior to checking out, so that we may vet your order, go over any changes you may need and provide you with a custom coupon code. If you do not contact us before and you have already placed your order, we would not be able to apply any discounts and the transaction was completed, so be sure to contact us before.​

How do I know if I am getting a Handmade Custom Item?

We HAND make ALL our K9 Gear right here in Florida, USA! When you place an order we ask for your dog's exact Measurements, to CUSTOM make the item for your dog's size and colors you want. We DO NOT Charge extra for this (any company that charges extra for CUSTOM size, does not make the items themselves). We DO NOT have shelves stocked full of finished collars and leashes and harnesses. We will even send you pics and videos when we are busy with your order if you wish. 

ID Patches and Morale Patches


All our Gear INCLUDES FREE Custom Embroidery and Morale Patches, It just makes sense:)​

All our Collars comes with a Free Id Patch, morale patch and some(Velcro hook and loop) even get Free Embroidery in the Fussy side of the Hook and Loop.

All our Leashes/Leads get Free Embroidery of your choice.

All our Harnesses Comes with Free Id Patches and Handle ID covers.

BulletProof Vests


When Considering a Bullet proof/ Stab resistant Vest for your K-9:

Ensure that the vest is Certified by a US Ballistic Testing Lab. If you buy a vest from a retailer or Manufacturer, that is NOT Certified, your/ your Department's Insurance Company will not cover your Vest and/or K-9 in the event a catastrophe strikes. No-one wants to think about something like that, but it is a possibility. Make SURE you are Covered! 

Our Bulletproof Vests are Made from scratch when ordered to fit your K9! We DO NOT get our Bulletproof KEVLAR from Any other country!!!! All our Kevlar Comes from DU PONT here in the USA. Our Vests are Ballistic tested and Certified for NIJ IIIA Level. Level IIIA is designed to stop .357 Sig FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullets traveling at a velocity of ~1470 ft/s and .44 Magnum SJHP (Semi Jacketed Hollow Point) rounds at a velocity of 1430 ft/s.

Payment and Shipping

For your Convenience our Web store accepts all major Credit and debit cards. We have also added Paypal as an extra layer of security for you!

Shipping is currently free for all orders over $100 in the Continental US and to all US Military bases. We use USPS First Class Package and USPS Priority mail for most of our packages. ( shipping times vary. )

International shipping is done via DHL or UPS, and will be charged for. ( import taxes are charged by your respective Government, and we do not have control over that.)


We Are VERY Proud to say we do Donate to our Local Shelter "Peggy Adams" when ever we can, We know exactly what they do with the donations (goods or funds) and what it is used for. We also take part in some Special giveaways, but only if we know what it will be used for and who it will benefit. We DO NOT support any organisation that claims to be non profit but uses all the funds and donations for themselves and NOT the Animals that needs it.

Returns & Refunds

Like any store that offers custom and customized items, we DO NOT accept returns.


There are exceptions:

If you ordered an item too large and need it smaller, we will alter it for you. BUT you must pay for your own return shipping, along with a PREPAID self addressed envelope inside the package, so that we may send it back to you. ( we will not pay for shipping if it is your mistake )

If it was OUR fault, incorrect spelling, wrong color, or a defective product, we will make you a new one and send it our immediately after we complete it.

We do not provide refunds. Since every product we sell is made from scratch, we do not feel it fair to make you something special and then have to give you your money back, without just cause.


There are exceptions:

If however, we have not yet started the project and you wish to cancel the order, you need to contact us immediately or as soon as possible to let us know. If we do provide you with a refund, it would take up to 30 business days to reflect in your Bank Statement. This is not because we are taking our time. It is because of how the platform software works.

Shipping:  Times and Rates

Orders over $100 will ship for Free in the USA

All others will ship with USPS, UPS or DHL

We DO ship Internationally. But the buyer is responsible for any import taxes levied by the respective country.


We use a shipping calculator provided by the USPS. It calculates the shipping costs for us, so we do not control how much you pay for shipping ( international clients)



Once we have handed your package to the USPS, and they have scanned it. We no longer have control over it.

If you need an item before a certain date, please do not choose the slowest and cheapest shipping rate... choose one that will get it to you in a timely manner. We cannot be held responsible for YOUR Choices... make sense?

We are Temporarily shutting down the website to take a break.

If you have already placed an order, rest assured, your order will be completed first.

As always, We Thank you for your Support!