How do I place an order?


Simply find the Item you are looking for on our Website. We recommend that you complete the order process on a Desktop Computer, instead of a Mobile device. It is so easy to make a mistake on a tiny screen.

Taking a Measurement Accurately:

We ask that you do not try and compensate for expansion or growth. This is OUR job. We ask that you take ALL measurements Tight to the skin. This means, No two fingers around the neck for a collar, No 4 Fingers or hand on the side for a Harness. We need ACTUAL Skin tight Measurements. We do ask if your dog is Under 18mnths or over 18 Months where needed. We use this info, to calculate whether your dog will need room to grow, or need to be in the middle of the size range we create. If you Need Help with the measurements, Please send us a message or email and we can walk you though it. (In most cases we could also do a Video Call if needed)


Each Harness will have a Measurement Diagram specific to THAT Harness. Find it in the Pictures of that Harness you are looking at.

We do not use anyone else's Diagrams or size charts. There is no such thing as a "STANDARD" size chart for a dog

Do You still Make Hidden E-Collars?

Yes we do, BUT! We do not accept any liability on the use of these collars. We do NOT condone any form of animal abuse. If you misuse or abuse the collar, it is done so without our knowledge or approval. YOU MUST CONSULT A LICENSED TRAINER BEFORE OPERATING YOUR E-COLLAR UNIT! 

How to order one: 

Make sure you give us the correct Strap width for your E-collar unit. If you give us the incorrect width, you will need to purchase a new one! 

Make sure you give us the correct Make and model  of your unit. without this we cannot correctly place the anchors that hold the unit.

If you need Help, send us a message or email. ​

How do I know if I am getting a Handmade Custom Item?

We HAND make ALL our K9 Gear right here in our Design Studio in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA!

When you place an order we ask for your dog's exact Measurements, to CUSTOM make the item to your dog's size and colors you want. 

We sometimes do Partially make a "Special or Limited Edition" items, but do not complete it until we have your dog's measurements.

We DO NOT Charge extra for this (ANY company that charges extra for CUSTOM sizes, does not make the items themselves).

We DO NOT have shelves stocked full of finished collars and leashes and harnesses.

We can even send you pics and videos when we are busy with your order if you wish.

ID Patches and Morale Patches


All our Gear INCLUDES FREE Custom Embroidery and/or Morale Patches, It just makes sense:)​

All our Collars come with a Free Id Patches, and if the Patch is Removable the Velcro even gets Free Embroidery in the Fuzzy/loop side of the Velcro

All our Harnesses Comes with Free Id Patches.

If you need extra ID Patches, please feel free to order them directly from our website under the "PATCHES" section, or contact us via email or chat, if you have a specific request.

Logos can be embroidered, But we DO charge Extra for the Digitizing. Digitizing is done by a Third party company and we have to pay them for that service. So, Naturally we charge you for it too. (Digitizing is the process of taking a logo or picture and converting it into a Stitch code that the embroidery machine can read to complete the task)

Payment and Shipping

For your Convenience our Web store accepts all major Credit and debit cards. We have also added Paypal and Apple Pay as an extra layer of security/convenience for you! (Paypal also offers Pay Later options or installment pay options.)

Shipping is currently Free for all orders in the Continental US and to all US Military bases. We use USPS First Class Package and USPS Priority Mail for most of our packages. ( shipping times vary. )

International shipping is done via DHL or UPS, and will be charged for. ( import taxes are charged by your respective Government, and we do not have control over that.)

Accurate Mailing Address


We advise all our customers to provide an accurate and complete mailing address to ensure prompt delivery. We will not be able to issue a refund or reship the order in case of an incorrect address. We will also not be able to offer a refund or reship if the shipping company provides us with proof of successful delivery of the merchandise. Once the shipment is delivered to the address provided, the order is the receiver's responsibility.

Porch Piracy - who is liable for loss

Unfortunately Porch Piracy has become an unwanted part of the modern day life. In order to deal with this question we actually asked a legal expert to way in on this matter. in the eyes of the law, "Once the Package ( your order item) is actually in your mailbox or on your front porch it's considered delivered, so if someone comes and picks up that package off your front porch the merchant isn't legally responsible, and the shipper isn't legally responsible. It is your legal responsibility."

Donations/Sponsorships/Discounts and Pricing

We Proudly support our Local K9 Units. We currently sponsor the West Palm Beach Police and Riviera Beach Police K9 Units.​

We do not currently donate to Non-Profit organizations and other Groups "claiming" to help Veterans, as we have had too many cases of Blatant fraud. It is a sad reality that we live in today. We do investigate and verify EACH request we receive for donations or discounts.

We also feel it necessary to add:
Due to Covid, most of our Hardware and Webbing suppliers, have raised their prices. The unfortunate reality is that we have to do the same at some point, to cover the cost of rising materials costs.

Returns & Refunds

Accurate Mailing Address


We advise all our customers to provide an accurate and complete mailing address to ensure prompt delivery. We will not be able to issue a refund or reship the order in case of an incorrect address. We will also not be able to offer a refund or reship if the shipping company provides us with proof of successful delivery of the merchandise. Once the shipment is delivered to the address provided, the order is the receiver's responsibility.

Like any store that offers custom and customized items, we DO NOT accept returns on any item that was custom made to Your Specifications.


There are exceptions:

If you ordered an item too large and need it smaller, we will alter it for you. BUT you must pay for your own return shipping, along with a PREPAID self-addressed envelope inside the package, so that we may send it back to you. ( we will not pay for shipping if it is your mistake )

If it was OUR fault, incorrect spelling, wrong color, or a defective piece of Hardware, we will make you a new one and send it out immediately after we complete it.

We do not provide refunds. Since every product we sell is made from scratch, we do not feel it fair to make you something special and then have to give you your money back, without just cause.


There are exceptions:

If however, we have not yet started the project and you wish to cancel the order, you need to contact us immediately or as soon as possible to let us know. If we do provide you with a refund, it would take up to 30 business days to reflect in your Bank Statement. This is not because we are taking our time. It is because of how the Banking platform software works.

Shipping:  Times and Rates



All orders ship free to all US addresses, including APO's

All others will ship with USPS, UPS or DHL 

We DO ship Internationally. But the buyer is responsible for any import taxes levied by the respective country. ( we do try to keep the Commercial invoices lower, so that the duties and fees levied by your country would be lower also.)


We use a shipping calculator provided by the USPS. It calculates the shipping costs for us, so we do not control how much you pay for shipping ( international clients). If you are an international client, please email or chat with us, before you place an order, and we will try to get the best possible shipping rates for you first!




90% of our Packages are shipped through 3-6 day Priority mail, but there are some instances where it could take up to 10 business days in Rural areas.

Once we have handed your package to the USPS, UPS, or DHL and they have scanned it. We no longer have control over it.

So Please be patient and check your tracking information regularly. Again, we have no control over the Mail delivery system, and cannot be held responsible for their actions. If something does happen to your package, we will try to work with you. Although there are certain things that we will not cover, such as Porch piracy, Theft, Incorrect addresses. (please ensure that the address you provide is 100% correct, and the packages get delivered to a secure area.)  

Hardware Ratings:

We ensure that all of our equipment have met and exceeded any industry standard! All of our 4-Point or premium Harnesses are load bearing and climb rated. (please be sure to notify us that the Harness will be used for such a purpose, so that we can include the necessary attachment points for extra safety gear as needed. (Our  4-point and ATOM Harnesses requires extra hardware attachment points for a climb rating. Vapor M2 has all included as Standard).

ISC Buckles on Collars: 16kN (1.6tons) 3,530Lbs each

ULP Buckles (Ultra Low Profile) : 7kN  or 1,545Lbs each - Made from Aerospace aluminum

All Metal Tri-glide Adjusters: 18kN (1.8tons) 4,000Lbs each

Aluminum Tri-glide Adjusters: 11kN (1.1tons) 2,500Lbs

V-Rings: 18kN (1.8tons) 4,000Lbs

Aluminum Puppy/Martingale Buckles: 7kN or 1,545Lbs each

Puppy D-rings: 10kN (1ton) 2,200Lbs

Stainless Steel Bolt-snaps: 500Lbs

Aluminum Carabiners (original stock): 23kN (2.3tons) 5,070Lbs each

All stitching/joints on Adult K9 Equipment: 8,000Lbs+  Rated and Tested - Tests could never snap the joints, machine and hardware failures always occurred first at 8,000lbs plus.

All Items were Tested, rated and Independently Certified by Sturbridge Metallurgical Testing Facility in Massachusetts  USA 

Actual Customer Questions & Answers

Why are your Harnesses made with 2 or 4 Buckles?

We believe that using only 1 Buckle or 2 Buckles on ONE side of the harness is a design flaw that many companies overlook. By using multiples of 2 Buckles ( One on Either side of the harness) it creates a more Balanced Harness, allowing the dog to focus on its job and not on a harness riding to the side.

Why do you not use Velcro for Adjustment like your competitors?

After testing this design, we have concluded that using velcro for adjustment is super dangerous, and a major liability for any handler or department employing equipment that operates like that. Velcro is a fantastic fastener, but using it in a repeated manor where dirt, dust, hair, wear and tear is expected, It becomes fatigued and loses its holding capacity. Okay, what does this mean? It means that when you can least afford it, velcro will pop loose and the subject on the business end will get seriously injured. This can and has resulted in lawsuits against both Handlers and departments. Equipment failure is not an option at CrazyTuff.

So, what do you use instead of Velcro adjustment?

We use Load tested Tri-Glide Slider adjusters that grip harder as the load increases, Our Metal Adjusters are Rated for 4,000Lbs Working load rating and our Aluminum Adjusters are rated for 2,700Lbs Working load rating.

What is a Working Load Rating, and why should I care, my Dog only weighs 65lbs?

A Working load rating is the load the piece of equipment is rated for to work at continuously and not fail.

Although the dog weighs only 65lbs, think about it logically. What would happen if you continuously tug at a piece of string? Eventually that string will wear out and a break. The same rule applies to the equipment that you use... If you use equipment rated for 200lbs vs. equipment rated for 4,000Lbs, which would you think would last longer? The last thing you want is for the equipment to fail in an emergency or during work.

Can you modify your equipment to suit my needs?

ABSOLUTELY! We make everything custom and from scratch every single time. So making a small adjustment here and there should never be a problem... WITHIN REASON... We cannot copy someone else's design, or make our equipment unsafe. Other than that we can always try to accommodate your requests.

Why do you not use Plastic or Polymer buckles on your harnesses?

Plastic and Polymer have shown to be, to put it lightly, unsafe... It tends to become brittle and break with repeated sun exposure, and water/pool water/ocean water exposure, and has a short life span. We prefer our equipment last for years and would never be able to come apart unless you want it to.


Have any Questions? Ask away!

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