Custom Embroidered ID Patches - Made to Order


Due to Popular Demand, we have added this listing to our shop; 

( need a 1.75" wide patch? see our store for options )


Let us know what:


  • Color webbing ( color of patch )
  • Color of Lettering
  • The length you need


Our patches come standard with the Hook/Male side of Velcro Backing


These are 1 inch wide patches and can only acommodate Simple Text.

1" - Custom Embroidered Patches

Webbing Color (Background color)
Lettering color ( embroidered not printed )
Length of Patch
    • If we mde a mistake, we will gladly replace the patch
    • If there is something wrong with the patch, NOT due to wear and tear, we will replace the patch. ( Normal wear and tear includes the dog wearing the patch 24/7 and the patch is rubbing against something, causing it to come undone - This is NOT covered - it is poor user judgment)
    • If you made a mistake in your order, like choosing the incorrect length or did not like you color options or did not like the way it turned out, you will need to place a new for $9 a patch. ( this does include shipping cost - $2.75 to $4.15 in the US).

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