All our Harnesses are tested and rated for Agitation and bite work! 

**It is well Balanced, lightweight ( as compared to the competition), Super strong, works well for dogs with Deep noses. Will not Choke the dog ( the chest plate is designed to sit lower than other harnesses )**

Our Tactical Harnesses are made up of 1.75" MilSpec Type 13 Webbing ( 7,000 Lbs rated)
Features four Ultra Low Profile AeroSpace aluminum Buckles ( weighs 1.9oz - used for SAR and Paragliding), OR please ask for the ISC Buckles (  weighs 4.2oz per Buckle)
This adds strength, ease of access ( on and off ) and Balance.

2x "V" - rings (4000 lbs rated each)
5x Metal Adjusters (4000 lbs rated each)

Comes with a set 4 of Custom Made Patches 5-6" long ( free of charge, just let us know what you would like on it and what color the font should be)
Ballistic nylon is used on all padded chest plates and handle..
( patches are attached by means of Velcro Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners )

Chest Plate features a "NO-SNAG" Webbing loop tether point for Tracking work, that will not get caught on Rubble or Brush. Simply Clip in your Long Lead.


4-Point K9 Patrol, Adult Dog Tracking and Training Harness

Color options
What color would you like the Lettering?
Measurement "A" ( found on Diagram in pictures)
Measurement "B" ( See Diagram )
Measurement "C" ( See Diagram )
Measurement "D" ( See Diagram )

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