The 4-Point K9 Harness


Great for apprehension, and tactical deployment situations, where you need to lift your dog over a wall or onto a platform.


It is fully breathable, so the dog won't over heat in the sun.


(ACTIVE Law Enforcement and Military only! Email us FROM your agency email, to get a 10% discount promo code)


We gave this harness 7 points of adjustment, so that you can adjust this harness for a perfect fit. ( make sure all points are adjusted evenly, so that the harness does not sit off balance!)


How to Measure your Dog for this Harness:


Take a fabric tape measure ( dollar stores are great for this if you don't have one). Wrap it around the dog like you would if you were meauring your own waist.

First Measurement: The neck - 
Wrap the tape around your dog's neck at the lowest point you can (low Neck)

This is measurement "A"


Seconed Measurement: Front Girth - 

Wrap the tape around your dog's chest at the widest part (right behind the front legs)

This is Measurement "B"


Third Measurement: Rear Girth - 

Wrap the tape around the dpg's chest approcimately 6 inches back, from where you took the "B" measurement. This will give you the second rear girth

This is Measurment "C"


(If you are having issues with measuring or fitting the dog, we can send you a video or do a live video call to help out (we are usually available for video chats between 4 pm and 7pm Eastern Standard time in the USA. just let us know ahead of time to set it up.)



Tech Specs:



  • Breaking Strength: 7,000 lbs.
  • Certifies to: Mil-W-4088, Type 13, Class 1A Mil-W-27265 for Resin-Treated
  • Berry Amendment Compliant



Buckles: 1,750 Lbs Max working load (each)

Adjusters: 2,000 Lbs Max Working load (each)

V-Rings: 4,000 Lbs Max Working Load (each)



Rated for 8,000 Lbs Working Load, Plus

4-Point K9 Patrol Harness, Great for Searches and lifting


    CrazyTuff K9 Gear will shut down temporarily
    Saturday 26th of June 

    Until more quantities of Hardware becomes available

    (as soon as more becomes available, we will post it on Facebook)