Quick Release Pull Tab With your Choice of Snaps

The pull Tab in made with 3 ply Mil-Spec 1" webbing ( webbing is rated for 4,500 Lbs )


(Measures between 6-10" depending on the snap you choose, but generally it will be 8")


**What is it used for??

Used for making the transition to off-lead heeling or great for agility training. ... Since they are lightweight, the dog "feels" off-leash, but you can reach down and give a leash correction by pulling on the pull tab.**



Stainless Steel Bolt Snap ( Rated for 330 lbs )
Carabiner made from aerospace Aluminum  ( Rated for 1,573 lbs) 
Kong Frog Snap ( Rated for 5,395 Lbs )


Kong Frog Snaps are a special order item, they do cost More and can take up to a week to become available for install

Pull Tab 8" including hardware

Color options
Snap type

    We are closed to the public until end of october while on contract.

    We will accept small side orders from Law enforcement and military only.

    So please email us your requests.

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