Would you like to add a Kong Frog Snap to your Tracking lead?


What is this listing for?



This listing is for folks who want to add a Frog snap to their order.

whether it is to a lead you are buying or just throw it in the box.

Police love this snap for its ability to snap on and off in a second.

We can add this snap to any lead to make it is double-sided snap Lead


What does it get me?


If you are buying this snap separately and just want it to be thrown in the boxm it covers the snap and shipping costs


If you want us to add it to your tracking lead, since we do not have a tracking lead with a Frog snap, This will add the frog snap to the Lead and cover the cost of installation.



Kong Frog Snaps are Special order Items, we do not carry cases of these. We order them as we need them. Ordinarily it takes about 3 -5 days for them to arrive.

Add a Kong Frog Snap

Add A Snap?

    We are closed to the public until end of october while on contract.

    We will accept small side orders from Law enforcement and military only.

    So please email us your requests.

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