This Listing is purely for those that would like to make alterations to their Collars or Harnesses.

If you ordered the incorrect size:


Send your Collar back to the Address on the card/envelope that came with your Collar or Harness. ( You are responsible for your own Shipping to us )


We will Pay for shipping Back to you!


If you would like something "tweaked" on your Harness or Collar, then 
Call us first!!! During Business hours only please! 

7am -6pm 

Monday through Saturday

(Be mindful that we live in Florida, so our time zone might not be the same as yours)

Alterations to you existing CrazyTuff K9 Gear

What do you need to have Altered?

    We are closed to the public until end of october while on contract.

    We will accept small side orders from Law enforcement and military only.

    So please email us your requests.

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