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The "Full Pursuit" Harness - STAGE 2.5 - Stab Proof


This Harness is truly one of a kind and it is currently Patent Pending with the USPTO.

It is the only true modular harness on the market, designed with parts that could be switched out in less than 7 minutes. 


(we are using an orange and black harness, so that you can see the features more clearly. This harness can come in different colors )


Go from Patroll to full Bulletproof in less than 7 minutes.

This option is not availble to civilians and residents of the State of CT. ( your order will remain on hold until we can veryfiy your credentials!!)


It is the only harness that is actually designed to be worn ALL DAY Long... It is breathable, lightweight ( as compared to our competitors ), and is comfortable for the K-9.

It does not impede the range of motion, so the dog can run at full speed, without causing lasting joint damage like most other harnesses.

The Harness is designed for all K-9's, including dogs with "Deep Noses".

Its's perfect for:

  • Patrol ( LE )
  • K-9 Searches
  • Tactical situations


The Harness is equiped with 2x Super Duty "V"-Rings, for tether points or airlifting/rapelling.

It is equiped with two buckle points for a "K9 Handbag" option

It comes with a set of removable Hind Leg Straps for air lift or rappelling support.


The Harness is equipped with plenty of Velcro for Patches ( This can be removed if you do not want Velcro )

Each Harness comes with a set of

6x Patches ( Velcro)

Up to 3x Custom Handles ( there is no extra charge to have up to 3 handles )

Each handle comes with a custom Embroidered Handle cover. The Handles can be Strapped down, so that they do not become snagged whie the K-9 is working.


There is a Built-in "No-Snag" Tracking Loop on the Chest, which offers a tether point that will not get caught on brush, rubble or debris while the K-9 is working in tight or dangerous situations.


This kit will come with:

  • Stage 1 - Harness with Mesh Belly/chest plate
  • Stage 2 and 2.5 - Kevlar Belly/chsetplate
  • Stage 2.5 - Kevlar side panels and a Kevlar spine
  • Stage 3 - Full Bullet proof kit
  • All stages come with Leg Straps for Lifting and Rapelling
  • All Stages come with Carry Straps for carrying your K-9
  • All Stages come with up to 3 handles ( your choice ) for easye deployment over obstacles and assistance 
  • All handles will come with Velcro based stays to hold down the handles when not in use
  • All Harnesses come with 2 "V"-Rings
  • All Harnesses come with a "No Snag chest tether loop for tracking, or pulling ( this loop has many uses, as it is strength rated to 3000lbs also )


This is Stage 2.5


Stage 2.5 is not bullet proof! It is however able to stop a knife from penetrating through the layers of Kevlar. It comes with a stab proof spine, Belly/chest plate and two side panels. It will also come with leg straps and the carry strap, to carry your K-9 like a "handbag". Please note this will not stop a bullet from penetrating, so please do notuse it as a cheap substitute!


This version is availble to SAR, Private security and Law Enforcementor Military. It is not available to civilians. We WILL keep your order on HOLD until we can verify your credentials.






Comes with a NIJ IIIA Rated set consisting of a Bullet Proof Belly/Chest Plate, Side Panels and a Bullet spine

Since the Harness is Modular, you could put on the side panels and use it during normal patrol. This will allow you to work longer hours in the heat, without your K-9 overheating. Wearing only the side panels, will give you full coverage on the Spine and sides. The Chest and belly are still exposed! For full coverage you must install the belly/chest plate also.


NIJ IIIA - is tested to withstand up to a .357Sig and a .44Mag.  Please note this equipment is meant for K-9 use only, and is not suitable for human use. ( ordinarily we should not have to say this, but....)


Each harness is made from scratch, we do not have rooms packed with stock. so you can rest assured that this harness will ONLY fit your K-9.


Please be sure use the measurement diagram when ordering your harness.


Stage-3 is not currently available to the public - It will be available to all Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Firms. We will Place your Harness on Hld until your credential can be Verified. Stage 3 is also not availble to the State of Conneticuit. Stage 3 is not available to Civilians.



Comes with a Stab resistant Kevlar Brush Guard. It will not get caught on Brush or Rubble and will keep your K-9 Safe during searches. Stage 1 is included with Stage-2


Stage-1 Has a Strength Rated Mesh Belly only. It is designed to be worns all day, and will help keep the K9 Ventilated while working.

Full Pursuit Harness - Stage 2.5 - Law Enforcement and Private Security


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