CrazyTuff's Tactical Hidden E-collar - NO UNIT INCLUDED!

This Design is now Patented! 

Works with YOUR unit. Can work with most units on the market. 

(Please let us know what Make and Model you are using. We use this information to set the anchor for the Unit... All units are different sizes and use different widths of strap. Without this information, your collar cannot be completed, so please be sure to include that information when you place your order!)


PLEASE NOTE: We do not make collars for GPS Collars

If you have a Garmin Alpha or Astro, or any Gps collar with an antenna or GPS sending unit, then we CANNOT make you a collar, they DO NOT FIT.


If you are looking for a collar that has a dual purpose, look no further!

E-collars are designe dto be used as a remote off leash trainining aide, while the dog is off-leash. This collar allows you to either use the collar for onleash training with a leash


Off leash by using the Remote E-collar unit. Do not use a leash and e-collar unit together

This collar is a 1.75" Strength rated Tactical Collar, that features a a 1.6Ton rated ISC Buckle.

It comes with one Free Custom Embroidered Patch which is sewn on, so it can never get lost!


This collar Features a Sewn in Biothane Strap. ( sewn in on one side with an adjuster on the other side. Please be sure to give us your unit's make and model!)

(simply cut off the excess once you have fitted YOUR unit and are happy with the fit)


How to Order:

1) Measure your K9's Neck - give us this measurement

2) Choose a color Combo that you like ( don't see a color combo you like? just ask and we could see what we could do )

3) What would you like on the Patch? ( This is a 6" patch with 1" tall lettering, space is limited!!)

4) What color would you like the Lettering to be?

5) What Make and Model E-collar unit are you currently using?

*Lettering = Embroidered letters, NOT screenprinted - will not come off*


Each collar is made to order! We do not carry stock in a dark room. Each collar is made when you order it, so if you need something customized... JUST ASK! We don't mind... if it is within our power to do so.

Hidden E-Collar with a SEWN on ID Patch -- Works with your E-Collar unit -

What color would you like? (color of the collar)
What size would you like?
Which Morale patch would you like?
What color would you like for the Lettering?
What is your Dog's Exact Neck measurement?
Strap width of your unit (Please be accurate)
  • We do not condone the misuse or abuse of animals. This collar is not intended to inflict pain or harm to your dog. Please consult with a LICENSED dog trainer and get at least one lesson on how to use this collar, before purchasing it. Responsible pet ownership is YOUR Responsibility! Please check to see if these collars are legal in your state, before purchasing!!

  • It is Your responsibility to check if these collars are leagl in your state!

    Please check BEFORE purchasing this collar!!

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