The Digitizing Fee


This fee includes having the Digitizer Company digitize your logo into a file that is readable by our embroidery machines.


You will need to send us your artwork for approval, before purchasing this listing!!



Once we approve your logo for embroidery, we will call you and go over it, to make sure you are happy with it.


This also includes the labor and materials to embroider your logo onto a small patch that will be sewn onto either the collar directly or a velcro backing that fits our Tactical and Rigid Collars. ( will not work on our 1.5" or 1" collars )



The logo will be in the color of your choice 

The logo size will be roughly 1.5 to 1.6 inches tall, to fit the width of our collars

( sizes and proportions may vary)



Please be aware, that any embroidery machine is not a printer. It does not have the ability to do micro detail. It is a machine that uses a needle and thread, to recreate your logo. Some detail may be lost when sizing a logo down to this size. Thread width remains a constant width, so please keep this in mind when aksing for a logo.








Digitizing Fee -Collar Logo


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    Saturday 26th of June 

    Until more quantities of Hardware becomes available

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