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CrazyTuff Hidden Prong Collar COVER


This collar does not include any Links! It requires you to install your OWN links.

**Please read the entire description before placing an order**


Officially Endorsed and Loved by Military and Law Enforcement K9 training Facilities, John Sonny Burke Training Academy, SKOOL Dogs Program, JNK9 and Avisa K9


We use Genuine 2.25mm or 3mm Herm Sprenger Links in our Collars

All of our collars come with 4-5 inches of adjustment built in ( this does not include the cinch tab/pull tab)

  • With the Standard Martingale Cinch tab your collar will still have the 4-5" of adjustment, to make the collar larger if you need to.
  • With an Adjustable Pull tab, (recommended for trainners who train multiple dogs only) You will have an extra 5 inches of adjustment added on top of the 4-5 inches of built in adjustment. If you choose this function, you will need to remove the collar after every training session, as the adjustable cinch tab, will dangle down the side, if left on the dog. We Recommend this options for trainers who train multiple dogs of varying sizes only

( If you are not sure how to order, message us we usually respond immediately, unless we are sleeping... yes, we need that too...lol)

How to order:

--> Please let us know your dog's exact neck size in inches. ( we do not use pet store brand size charts )
--> We will install as many link spaces as the collar can handle Based on the size link you pick

-->What color collar would you like?

*** Outside color on top of inside color... For example Multicam White on Multicam Black: the widest part of the collar ... inside color, will be MultiCam Black. The 1" webbing will be the MultiCam White. The cinch tab will also be MultiCam White. The ID Patch will be MultiCam Black with the lettering choice you choose. The same applies to all collars. The ID Patch will be the same color as the inside webbing color***

-->What would you like your sewn on Patch to say? ( space is LIMITED so please keep it short)
( Patches can be attached with Velcro Brand Hook and Loop also upon request)

--> What pull Tab / Cinch Tab would you like?


  •  Standard Martingale - this is for Pet owners who have one dog and would only use the collar on that one dog. It is a fixed standard sized cinch tab ( the collar is still adjustable, this relates to the pull tab only! )
  • Adjustable Pull Tab - This is best suited for Trainers who use the collar on multiple dogs, that need extra adjustment ( above what the collar already offers ) It allows the Handler to adjust the level of intensity on the correction also




If you would like a custom color combo that is not listed in the drop down box, Please let us know and we will make it happen!

Hidden Prong Collar COVER - NO Links!

What color combo would you like?
What color would you like for the Lettering?
What is your Dog's Exact Neck measurement?
what type of cinch tab would you like?
What size links do you currently use?
How many Links does YOUR current collar have?

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