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The LED Light Strip is a multi-use light that can be used as:

  • an Arm Band for personal safety at night (STANDARD Attachment)
  • K9 Safety ( Wrap the Custom made Velcro attachments around your dog's collar)
  • **** Harness attachment ( When you order a hanress, add these to the order, so that we can install click buttons to your harness, and match them up with a set of custom Click button attachments - CAN ONLY BE ORDERED WITH A HARNESS  - DO NOT PURCHASE WITHOUT!!!)


It is Waterproof


Used mostly in Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement, this versatile light strip

has helped handlers and civilians alike stay safe.

Can be used as markers to identify Handlers and K9 Teams



Come in Three Colors:



Orange ( out of Stock and discontinued)


LED Strips have 2 modes:

Solid Light 

Strobe effect 


Battery Life is on average 86 hours ( but this can be affected by use. This is an average based on a new Battery installed)  - Uses a size 2032 Watch/car imobilizer battery



LED Light Strip

Attachment Type

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