CrazyTuff K9 Gear's Rigid 2" Tactical Collar


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This collr is truly the Cream of the Crop


It features Hidden Upgrades to that which is available on the market today.



  • ISC Conversion Buckle ( 1" to 1.75" Conversion)
  • Forged Steel 1" D-ring ( rated for 4,000 lbs )
  • Stamped Steel Collar adjuster ( rated for 4,000 lbs )
  • Velcro-based D-ring Stay ( with a hidden feature )
  • Velcro for Patches
  • 2" Rigid inner for stability
  • Free ID Patch
  • Free Morale Patch
  • Free Clip-on Light ( while stocks last )


Hidden Fetures:

  • Collar adjusts via an adjuster, not Velcro, providing you with added security
  • Velcro stay at D-ring, is long enough to clip on your Beacon lights
  • More Velcro Space for ID Pathces and Morale Patches 


How to Order:


  • Measure your dog's neck ( we really do need an exact measurement )
  • Pick the colors for your Collar ( we make each one from scratch! )
  • Pick your Lettering colors
  • Pick a Morale Patch ( select none if you do not need one )
  • Let us know if your dog is a pup or fully Grown


Each collar comes with 3-6" inches of adjustment, depeding on the size of your dog's neck ( can be more on larger dogs ). Adjustment usually starts 1" below the number you give us (fully grown ), or AT the number you give us ( if it is a puppy ).


Rigid 2" Tactical Collar

Color - Rigid inner
Color - 1.75 MilSpec webbing
Color - 1" D-Ring stay/ Light holder
What is your Dog's EXACT Neck Measurment?
Is you dog fully Grown or a Puppy, still growing?
Morale Patches

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