Tactical Martingale Collar with quick release Buckle

Our collar is made with 1.5" Triple thick MilSpec Webbing, with a 1" MilSpec wrap.
( Colors can be changed)
All Heavy Duty Metal Hardware


Our sizes do not conform to store bought collar,s so please do not assume that a "Large" might fit your dog's Neck.


The color samples in the picture section, is for the 1" webbing that goes around the outside of the collar and the cinch tab. If you would like a different color cinch tab, PLEASE let us know!

**The ID Patch background color would be the same as the inside 1.5" webbing color.

How to choose the color combo:


The color combo, refers to the two pieces of webbing we use to make the collar;

the outer layer on top of the inner layer ( 1" on top of 1.5" wide webbing )

So when you choose a color combo, it does not refer to the lettering color.


Lettering color:

This refers to the color of the embroidery/lettering/stitching/name of the dog.

Many companies call it many different things, but it all boils down to one simple thing, the color of the words you would like us to put on the collar


Need something Custom?

Contact us directly and let us know!

Tactical Martingale Dog Collar 1.5" wide - With Free Id Patch

What color would you like for the Lettering?
What is your Dog's Exact Neck measurement?
Inner Color? (1.5" wide)
Outer Color (1" wide)
ID Patch Background Color
Is you dog fully Grown or a Puppy, still growing?
  • Unfortunately, as with any Customized product, we cannot accept returns, once an item has been custom made for you. ( we would not be able to resell it or reuse it)

    If we made a mistake, we will make it right immediately! Whether we have to make you a new one, get the original one back and either fix it or replace it... We will always fix it!

    If YOU made the mistake, then we have certain options:

    1. ship the item back at your cost, along with a second return label addressed to you.
    2. we will then repair or make any changes to the product and ship it back to you
    3. If you measured incorrectly and the collar is too big, then follow the above steps and we will alter the item at no charge, PROVIDED, you send the self addressed prepaid return label along with the item to be altered
    4. if the item is too small... Send back the original and we will provide you with a shop credit to purchase a new one.


    in the highly unlikely situation where we would need to provide you with a refund, we will need you to return the item purchased. Do Not return any items, unless we have OK'd the return. We will then go ahead and process the refund, less any shipping charges, since shipping costs cannot be refunded. It was paid to the USPS.

    Refunds usually take up to 14 business days to reflect in your bank statements, so please be patient.


    PLEASE, Do NOT send anything back to us, without contacting us FIRST!

  • We Guarantee that any Collar, Leash or Harness we list as for sale, is Hand-made to order!

    That means that there is no room filled with collars and harnesses that we could pick from and just simply throw in the mail.

    We make each item as it is ordered and can back it up with pictures or video if you like!



    Any Company that charges extra to alter or change something on their products, usually do not hand make their products to order. 

    We believe that since we are making it from scratch, and it is a CUSTOM piece, why not allow you as the buyer to have some input on your porduct. We will gladly make changes or alterations to the products if it is resonable and will still look like and work like the original design intends, without compromising safety and quality.

We are closed to the public until end of october while on contract.

We will accept small side orders from Law enforcement and military only.

So please email us your requests.

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