Tactical Martingale Collar with quick release Buckle

Our collar is made with 1.75" Milspec Webbing, with a 1" MilSpec wrap/outside.

( Colors can be changed)
All Heavy Duty Metal Hardware


Our sizes do not conform to store bought collar,s so please do not assume that a "Large" might fit your dog's Neck.


Q: How do I measure my dogs neck?


A: wrap a soft measuring tape around the dogs neck, just below the jaw - tight/snug... do not put two fingers or let it loose. We will take care of the rest!


The color samples in the picture section, is for the 1" webbing that goes around the outside of the collar and the cinch tab. If you would like a different color cinch tab, PLEASE let us know!

**The ID Patch background color would be the same as the inside 1.75" webbing color.

How to choose the color combo:


The color combo, refers to the two pieces of webbing we use to make the collar;

the outer layer on top of the inner layer ( 1" on top of 1.5" wide webbing )

So when you choose a color combo, it does not refer to the lettering color.


Lettering color:

This refers to the color of the embroidery/lettering/stitching/name of the dog.

Many companies call it many different things, but it all boils down to one simple thing, the color of the words you would like us to put on the collar




Something to keep in mind: ( note from the Owner)

The smaller the neck, the smalle the space for a patch becomes. This means, if your dog has a 14" neck, the space for a patch will only be 3 inches. The rest is taken up by the Cinch tab and the adjustment section. Therefore, logically, the larger the neck the larger the patch... The smaller the neck, the shorter the patch. Please keep this in mind when deciding on an ID Patch - Keep it short, and it will look Fantastic!


Tactical Martingale Dog Collar 1.75" wide


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