CrazyTuff K9 Gear's Vapor M2    6-Point Harness w. TWO Belly protection options included


Our Belly Armor is Rated at:

Stab and Slash Protection (Certified: EN388-level 4 MAX Protection)
Made from:

Cut-Tex is an ultra high performance cut/Stab resistant fabric, made from an innovative combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and other technical fibres weaved by special high-density knitting machines.


(Please note until we have field videos and pictures, we will reuse some of the M2 Pictures and videos)


Features a Super lightweight Modular UHMWPE and Kevlar Lined Belly Armor for Rubble/dense brush searches. It is Stab, Impale and Slash resistant. 


Note: Cordura, Foam and Canvas is not adequate protection agaist impalement. We use Military Grade Spectra and Kevlar Fabric to line our Belly Armor Plate ( please do your research about the differences)


Vapor M2-K  with two Belly options included


All our Harnesses are tested and rated for Agitation, Bite, Rappelling, Aerial insertion, and SAR work!


This Harness is not only Ultra-Breathable, but it is Super strong.

We have come up with a way that allows the harness to breathe and keep your K9 Cool in the middle of summer, but is also able to carry a full load of gear, by attaching to the Reinforced Velcro Molle Rigged system.


The Harness allows for Full range of motion, by not restricting the K9's shoulder movement, like most harnesses on the market today. This is evident in our Patented "V" shape Padded chest plate design.


The harness has 6 buckles to distribute weight evenly, so that it does not ride sideways while the K9 is running, thus not distracting it from the task at hand.


This harness will Feature up to Three Handles for easy operation and deployment.

Each Handle has a Custom Embroidered Handle Cover ( text of your choice )


This Harness also features SEVEN (7) adjustment points for the perfect fit!




The Vapor M2-K comes Standard with a Mesh Belly and a Belly Armor plate, that allows for easy operation and quick switch out when needed



  • 6x (U.L.P) Ultra Low Profile AeroSpace Aluminum Buckles ( Lightweight - and Rated for 7kN each)

All Metal Strength Rated Hardware

  • 2 X V-Rings
  • Silent Tracking Loop Below the Chest Pad - clip-in point for your Tracking lead
  • 2 X Kevlar Hook in points for Shoulder strap Attachment
  • 3 X Hook in points for Swiss Seat
  • 2 x Handles ( a thrid can be added - no charge)


Optional Extras: (not included in purchase)


Swiss Seat - aka leg straps for lifting

Shoulder straps ( for the handler )- Carrying the K9  like a Backpack or messenger bag




  • Vapor M1 K9 Harness - Open Belly   (Available only upon request)
  • Vapor M2 K9 Harness - Mesh Belly
  • Vapor M2-K  K9 Harness - Modular, Mesh and Stab Resistant Spectra interchangeable (Excellent for SAR) - Features 6 U.L.P Buckles


Vapor M2-K 6-Point K9 SAR, Training and Deployment

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$404.00Sale Price
Measurement "A" ( found on Diagram in pictures)
Measurement "B" ( See Diagram )
Measurement "C" ( See Diagram )
Measurement "D" ( See Diagram )
Harness Color
Lettering color (embroidered not printed)

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