Customer Care

CrazyTuff is not some Large Big box store with warehouses filled with stuff and staff that work mindlessly to get you what you ordered...

We are a very small company that works with the passion and vigor of a large operation. We can handle large orders as well as the small orders, and maintain the quality and standard that sets us above the rest!


We hand make each item from SCRATCH, right here in our design studio, in West Palm Beach, Florida. We do not have our gear made in China, and then try to pass it off as a custom made item. We believe that anyone who charges extra to make a change to their sizes or design, does not make the item themselves, or at least from scratch.


When you place an order, we will contact you ASAP ( unless we are sleeping... YES, we also need that...LOL).

We will go over your order and get any missing or additional info from you at that point, or at the very least thank you for your order. 

Privacy & Safety

We use the highest security measures available to us, to protect your information.

As a result, we never get to see your financial information, ever!

We will never sell your contact info to anyone!

We will only use your contact info, to contact you directly.

We will not Spam you. But, we might send you an occasional email with an excellent deal!

Wholesale, Bulk and Purchase Orders

Although we would never be a wholesaler, we do accept Bulk orders! and give discount on large orders. Please contact us first, before placing your order, so we could give you a coupon code, or do a custom order for you!

We do Accept purchase orders from Law Enforcement Agencies, so YES you can get your Gear!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

International Shipping

We DO ship internationally, provided your address is correct and can be found by a mail delivery person. We do not take responsibility for Loss or Damage by Mail carriers, since we do not own the Mail carrier system. We also do not take any responsibility for import taxes into your respective country. we simply make what you order, and ship using the method YOU choose. 

We are now Closed until November 1st 2021.

See You then!
a Site wide 20% Off Sale will happen the entire month of November!