Who is Triton K9 Team

We are TRITON K-9 Team. Triton consists of one handler and one dog. My dog and I started out training with small local volunteer search and rescue teams, but quickly found out there were major shortfalls in their capabilities when it comes to disaster relief. So, my dog Jakoby and I set out to push the absolute limits of what a volunteer K9 handler could be capable of. Jakoby and I are certified on a national level for cadaver detection. We train with two different military branches as well as several civilian agencies. Being able to train the way we do is so important because it allows us to be flexible and mesh with so many different agencies to provide an asset no matter what the relief mission requirements are. The work Jakoby and I do plays a major role in disaster relief. Our skillset allows us to locate victims of natural disasters and have them brought home so that their families can have closure.

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